Swift Microwave Wart Treatment Review + Before and After Photos!

Swift Microwave Wart Treatment: Before and After!

“Swift Microwave wart treatment worked so well! My 11 year old daughter had plantar warts that got so bad they became a mosaic wart roughly the size of a quarter with satellite warts growing in the surrounding area. It became too painful for her to walk normally so she walked on the healthy part of her foot, the ball of her foot. Then the ball of her foot started being tender and sore from over compensating. 

We went to a dermatologist who recommended salicylic acid because the main wart was too big to cut out or freeze. The percentage of salicylic acid he prescribed was 80%. (The otc stuff is only 17%.) I had to be super careful when applying via the tip of a toothpick so I wouldn’t burn the surrounding skin. It was ridiculous and took 40+ min every night and was expected to take 2-3 months this way. And It was still super tender, she still couldn’t walk on it properly. 

All the while she was trying to play soccer on this injured foot (last season, we still had covid distanced games) and not able to play at her best. We treated it with the salicylic acid for about 5 weeks with minor progress and decided to look for alternative methods and found Dr Harper. He was super informative about what we might expect for seeing improvement in a month or so if her immune system learned how to start fighting the warts. His bedside manner was great, he talked to my 11 year old directly and was really personable. He explained that there would be a quick wave of “ouch” and then it would be gone. 

The microwave machine was a little box that had a cord ending with a pen type device. He’d touch the pen to the affected area and press a button and it would work it’s magic for a 2 or 3 second interval. He did that about 15 times in a circle around the general area where the main group of warts were. 

My daughter was walking around on it the next day without any additional discomfort. 3 Weeks after that single visit her warts were about 70% gone. 4 Weeks after, at our next visit, they were about 95% gone! And that was today. At the appointment today he said that we don’t need a second session and recommended that we wait to see if it heals that last little bit. So, yeah, one treatment and we are done! (Knock on wood.) Hands down this treatment was completely worth it. It’s pricey and still, 100% worth it. 

1) I get back 40+ minutes every night for 3 months (our time is worth that for sure) 

2) She’s walking on her foot correctly and not favoring it, she can even run full steam because it’s not tender – a huge win for a sporty kid 

3) Number of treatments…very few, 1 for us. 

4) Her immune system was activated and fought off the virus so it’s as close to a cure as we can hope for. 

5) He treated one foot and the warts on her other foot and her finger disappeared as well. The immune system fought the virus throughout the body. 

We are super happy with the treatment- full disclosure: Harper said it only took 1 treatment for her because she is a young kid and her immune system is learning. The older you get, you’d expect to do additional treatments. And my daughter said it was painful. She cried. It was sad. Still, she had far less pain with this treatment than with the salicylic acid. The acid would get on her skin and burn and then she couldn’t walk on it, once the acid thinned the skin and a wart ripped off and she had to stay off it completely. A few years ago she had a different wart cut off her toe and it was agonizing to do the post care (washing and bandaging). The microwave treatment hurt for that short visit and then was gone. No blisters, no cutting, no acid. This was the least painful way. Totally worth it.”


–Carrianne (One Happy Momma)! January 2021

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